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July 08, 2010

Don Campau's Living Archive

I recommend Don Campau's monthly web magazine on hometaped music at www.doncampau.com/livingarchive.htm

In June, there was a feature on Hypertonia W.E. This month there are interviews with Alain Neffe (Insane Music), Harald "Sack" Ziegler a.o.


April 25, 2010

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March 17, 2010

Colour. Sound. Oblivion.

The long awaited 14 x dvd box set of a selection of Coil's concerts is about to be released. Still a couple weeks left to order the special pre-order edition in a wooden box. The retail version will have simpler packaging. This extraordinary release, about 8 years in the making, is being manufactured and assembled in Thailand, and will be shipped sometime this summer. It's furry, freaky and fabulous.

From Threshold House/P. Christopherson:

COLOUR SOUND OBLIVION: We are proud to open the Official Pre-Order for Colour Sound Oblivion. Production has reached the stage where we can guarantee to ship within 3 months maximum, hopefully sooner...

Both the Patron's Edition of the first 200, already pre-paid, and any of the Official Pre-orders received during the next 4 weeks, will comprise:

A handmade wooden box (approx 8" x 7" x 6") containing:

1. an individually numbered disc (similar to those worn by dancers in go-go bars). Numbers in the Patron's Edition (ie from #1 - 200) are in RED (as shown), numbers in the Official Pre-Order Edition are in BLUE (#201 - #however many are ordered in the next four weeks). [The Post Release Regular edition when it comes out will be un-numbered.]

2. Four hand-made cloth bags in the same (or similar) fabric Coil's costumes were made from, each containing the dvds of concerts where those costumes were worn... FLUFFY, GLOWING, REFLECTIVE (mirrored) and SHROUDED.

The boxes and bags have proved rather more daunting to make than originally anticipated so its likely the regular edition, will include a single, smaller "sampler cloth" lining a smaller box.

3. The dvd collection itself, features 14 show dvds (of which the first two, being shorter and without extras, are very rare half-silvered dvds) plus a two dvd "COIL RECONSTRUCTION KIT" containing more than 4 hours of projection animations and processed footage PLUS the accompanying backing-tracks to all the songs in question, Karaoke-style (though without super-imposed lyrics). These are here released under a Creative Commons License, by which you are free to sample, re-loop and otherwise, "molest" or "interfere" with Coil's music and animations to your hearts content (as long as its not for commercial gain).

In most cases the dvds of the shows are "dual angle" so you can switch from the live feed, to the projections as they were on the day, and back, using the angle button on your dvd remote, while the audio continues. Whenever we have extra footage, be it from backstage, from interviews done around the time of the show or whatever, we have included it on the disc after the show.

NOTE: As you will see, for all but a few of the shows, these films were NOT shot professionally, but by amateur camera-persons who just love Coil and did not want to lose or forget their experience. At the time I'm sure they did not think what they were shooting would be seen by anyone but their close friends. It's thanks to them this extra-ordinary record exists. They just didn't realise they had so many close friends!

In some cases they were the only person shooting, but if the video and audio is mostly okay, and the show was good and different enough we have included it, regardless.

Where we are lucky enough to have two or more angles of the same show, I have done my best to edit them together to make a more watchable record, but please remember this is Coil you are watching, filmed by all kinds of odd, brilliant people who love Coil enough to have gotten it together back then! - If they are a bit wobbly from time to time, believe me - We were too!

A few of the shows were edited professionally by the crews that shot them, and to all those, we send our thanks and love.

In all but the first disc, which is not really a concert as such but WAS the first Coil Live appearance so deserves to be included, featuring Jhonn Balance and John Gosling at the Air Gallery, London in 1983, all the remaining discs have chapter markers at the start of each song, so you can quickly step through if you want. Other than that there are NO FANCY MENUS, easter eggs or anything else.

4. In addition the box contains a Collection of more than 100 postcards, 6" x 4" to fit the Patron's Edition frame, in a velour bag. These pictures (almost all unseen till now) taken by Coil or our friends, are a very personal record of life on the road with Coil... Fortunately there is not a guitar to be seen, though there may be one picture of a a tour bus!

If there are any pictures of groupies, they may well be in uniform, carrying Kalashnikovs... :-)

5. Lastly Colour Sound Oblivion also contains a couple of small printed pamphlets or booklets - One containing Sleazy's thoughts, anecdotes, reflections on the being part of Coil Live, and thanks to everyone he can remember - The other a facsimile of the Order of Service of Geff's (Jhonn Balance's) Funeral, which took place a month pretty much to the day, after the last show in this Collection... This latter will only be included in the Patron's and Pre-Order Editions.

The main difference in the deal received by those who managed to order the Patron's Edition (who were really selected just by the luck of the draw - being online at the crucial moment) is that they were able to get their boxes both at a special price, and with free shipping. The fully loaded box weighs about 2.5 kilos and so we will only ship by trackable EMS insured air service, directly from Thailand. Although more expensive than regular mail, we reckon its safer, considering the amount of money, time and effort involved.

The price of the Official Pre-Order Edition is £ 199, plus shipping.

Thank you so much to everyone for their patience.

JR: While you wait, check out these DL's at wassonii / Coil tribute by This Immortal Coil


January 29, 2010

Free DL's of tapes also in the HWE catalogue

Instead of ordering tapes/CD-R's from me, feel free to DL these tapes:

Best of Tonspur Tapes at Continuo, who writes: "A compilation of post-industrial bands from the 1980s might seam a bleak prospect, but this is something different. It’s a continuous mix of music lifted from Stefan Schwab’s Tonspur Tapes back catalogue. Tonspur was a German cassette label active from 1986 to 1995, releasing dozens of tapes by the usual suspects of the fringe experimental scene, like Big City Orchestra, The Dead Goldfish Ensemble, Brume, De Fabriek, Doc Wör Mirran, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, David Prescott, The Haters, etc. The Best of Tonspur Tapes was issued on Tonspur’s parent label Echtzeit in 1989 and reissued by Hypertonia World Enterprise, Norway, in 1992. I assume the mix was done by Schwab himself, though he’s not credited as such on the cover. The mix favors atmospheric excerpts flowing effortlessly into each other to form two coherent, ambitious tracks, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A labor of love from Stefan Schwab and a pleasure to listen to."

Also "Unmasked - a Tribute to The Residents" Vol. 1 and 2 at Attack of the Killer Black Eyeball, and "Best of IRRE Tapes Vol. V" from megaupload, "X-mas Tunes" at Rapidshare. A little under half the tapes are listed at discogs. For full listings see catalogue.

One of my comp.'s - the horror-themed "Who's Laughing Now?" was for sale at eBay.


January 19, 2010

M. Gira reactivates Swans - raises funds

Out now: I AM NOT INSANE CD/DVD (YG41) - Solo Home Recordings CD (of new Swans songs) and M.Gira x 2 Live Shows DVD - Limited Edition of 1000, Signed and Numbered. Order from Young God Records. Also available are pre-order of upcoming new Swans album, and a book of drawings.

Contents of the CD/DVD package explained by M. Gira:

I Am Not Insane - Michael Gira: This handmade CD/DVD package is being sold specifically to help raise funds for/help defray the considerable costs of recording and promoting the upcoming new Swans album. There’s a number of ways you can help support this effort, above. Thanks very much, and I hope you enjoy.

Most of the songs on this CD were recorded by me at home using an Audio-Technica AT 825 stereo microphone, sitting at my desk in my office. There were no overdubs. The first 11 songs on the CD are rough versions of some of the songs (not all) under consideration for the new Swans album (hopefully due Fall 2010). There’s a few extra songs here on the CD - “Promise Of Water” and “Failure”, and they were recorded by Jason La Farge at Seizure’s Palace Recording, Brooklyn NY.

The songs are here in their raw state, as I present them to the band. I have a concept in mind of how each one should sound ultimately, but I’m sure that as usual, once I begin working with my cohorts, things will change considerably from the initial plan, and for the better. I haven’t been as excited (and I admit, intimidated) by a project in years. Let’s hope that whatever beast is created in the process rears itself up on its’ hind legs, swipes furiously at the sky with its’ claws, then bends down and rips my head off with its’ razor teeth. That would make me very happy.

Here’s the Track Listing to the CD (you can listen to some streams elsewhere on this page): 1. Jim 2. No Words / No Thoughts 3. Reeling The Liars In 4. My Birth 5. Little Mouth 6. Eden Prison (That Way) 7. Eden Prison (This Way) 8. My Lazy Clown 9. Opium Song 10. Inside Madeline 11. Oxygen 12. Promise Of Water 13. Failure

Here’s what’s on the DVD:

Frankie Macias came to my house in the Catskill area and filmed me talking in my office and singing a few songs. He also filmed a solo show of mine at The Highline Ballroom in NYC. I spray spit, I scream, I shake.

Track Listing Highline Ballroom Show: 1. I Am The Sun 2. Promise of Water 3. Nations 4. Failure 5. Lena’s Song 6. My Brother’s Man 7. Destroyer 8. She Lives! 9. My Sister Said 10. Sometimes I Dream I’m Hurting You 11. Rose Of Los Angeles

Trevor Grace and D. Fisher filmed my solo show at The Drake Underground in Toronto. I embarrass myself and lamely insult the audience, and put on a good show. James Blackshaw guests on one song.

Track Listing Drake Underground Show: 1. Little Mouth 2. On The Mountain (Looking Down) 3. Promise Of Water 4. Reeling The Liars In 5. My Brother’s Man 6. The Surrogate 7. Destroyer 8. Oxygen 9. Inside Madeline 10. Eden Prison 11. Sometimes I Dream I’m Hurting You


January 18, 2010

Bruunski Beats Re-post No. 15: Roky Erickson & The Explosives - Øyafestivalen, Oslo, Norway 10.08.2007

A live recording (audio part of video feed from NRK - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) of the amazing Roky Erickson & The Explosives live at Øyafestivalen in Oslo, Norway - Friday August 10th 2007.

Tracklist: 1. Cold Night For Alligators, 2. White Faces, 3. Don't Shake Me Lucifer, 4. The Interpreter, 5. The Beast, 6. Bermuda, 7. Splash 1, 8. Creature With the Atom Brain, 9. Starry Eyes, 10. Bloody Hammer, 11. Before You Accuse Me, 12. Two Headed Dog, 13. You're Gonna Miss Me, 14. 'Audience', 15. Night of the Vampire, 16. The Wind and More, 17. I Walked With a Zombie.

Download: MegaUpload

Get documentary "You're Gonna Miss Me" from amazon.com.

(Originally posted Sunday, August 12, 2007)


Bruunski Beats Re-post No. 14: V/A - The World's Worst Records, Vol. 1 & 2

The World's Worst Records, Volume 1 and 2 from Rhino. Released on cassette in the 80's.
'There is perverse pleasure to be had in sampling the tasteless, inept, and bizarre, and it was with this fact in mind that Rhino Records unleashed The Rhino Brothers Present the World's Worst Records!, a compilation of abrasive novelty songs, demented outsider artists, and clumsy comedy.

With liner notes by Dr. Demento and Rhino mainstays Barnes & Barnes and Wild Man Fischer on board, there's not much doubt as to the tone of the collection. The set list is skewed strongly toward silly, self-consciously dumb parody tunes that range from amusing (Ogden Edsl's wacky child-abuse singalong "Kinko the Clown") to obvious and unfunny ("I Wanna Be Your Dog" sung by some bad Three Stooges imitators). Should the "World's Worst Records" include songs like these that were specifically designed for such a list? For those who think not, there's the psychobilly classic "Paralyzed," a formless, atonal jumble of guitar, drum, and bugle from the Legendary Stardust Cowboy, a genuine eccentric who actually turned this wild, incredibly alive record into a hit for a short while in 1968. The highlight of the set is the brilliantly dumb "Surfin' Tragedy," recorded in 1963 by the Breakers; this priceless hybrid of surf pop and the "teen tragedy" tradition sets a romantic tale of death on the waves to a ham-fisted Beach Boys-style ballad, complete with a mournful French horn hook. Gloria Balsam's proudly off-key "Fluffy" is sure to clear the room at your next family reunion, and with the original single long out of print, its appearance is valuable (to a select few).

Also welcome are classic novelties from the wrestling-obsessed Novas and the taste-impaired Jimmy Cross, though their numbers are easily available on several other compilations. Toward the end of the 20th century, the interest in records that ignore or reject the popular standards of what constitutes "good" music grew into a recognizable cult (writer Irwin Chusid explored the new genre with Songs in the Key of Z: The Curious Universe of Outsider Music). Blame it on the age of irony, or a desperate attempt to find unique sounds in an increasingly homogenous world, but there are those who find pleasure in the accidental, the broken, and the incorrect. The Rhino Brothers Present the World's Worst Records! anticipated this trend several years in advance, proposing that "bad" was infinitely better than "boring," though their overdependence on prefab wackiness lessens the importance of the package'.
Source: All Music Guide

The World's Worst Records!
Tracklist: 1. The Novas - The Crusher, 2. Edith Massey - Big Girls Don't Cry, 3. Jimmy Cross - I Want My Baby Back, 4. Heathen Dan - I Like, 5. The Temple City Kazoo Orchestra - Kazooed On Klassics, 6. Gloria Balsam - Fluffy, 7. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - Paralyzed, 8. The Seven Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog, 9. Barnes & Barnes - Boogie Woogie Amputee, 10. Ogden Edsl - Kinko the Clown, 11. The Turtles - Umbassa and the Dragon, 12. Johnny Meeskite - Ugly, 13. The Breakers - Surfin' Tragedy, 14. Wild Man Fischer - Young At Heart.
Download - MegaUpload
Download - Rapidshare

The World's Worst Records, Vol. 2
Tracklist: 1. Mrs. Miller - Downtown, 2. Mickey Katz - K'nish Doctor, 3. Barnes & Barnes - Party In My Pants, 4. The Credibility Gap - Foreign Novelty Smash, 5. The Halos - The Nag, 6. Yogi Yorgesson - Who Hid the Halibut On the Poop Deck, 7. Shad O'Shea - Goodbye Sam, 8. Bob & Zip - Just a Big Ego, 9. Sticky Fingers - Candy Rapper, 10. Debbie Dawn - Hands, 11. Rockin' Richie Ray - Baseball Card Lover, 12. Little Roger & The Goosebumps - Fudd On the Hill, 13. Napoleon XIV - I Live In a Split Level Head, 14. Killer Pussy - Teenage Enema Nurses In Bondage, 15. The Troggs - The Troggs Tapes.
Download - MegaUpload
Download - Rapidshare

(Originally posted Friday, June 22, 2007)


Bruunski Beats Re-post No. 13: V/A - Rise Above Interview Disc (2002)

In 2002 Henry Rollins entered the studio with his band, 24 classic Black Flag tunes, and some of the best vocalists on the planet to record Rise Above: 24 Black Flag Songs to Benefit the West Memphis Three to help raise money for the WM3.
The singers on this great album include Tom Araya of Slayer, Mike Patton, Nick Oliveri of Queens of the Stone Age, Keith Morris of Black Flag/Circle Jerks, Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead, Iggy Pop and Henry Rollins.
This is a limited edition bonus disc that was available from Amazon.com and Tower Records stores. It features five songs from the album with spoken introductions by Henry Rollins.

Make sure to visit WM3.org, and buy something to support the case!

Tracklist: 1. Henry gives an overview of the WM3 case, 2. Henry on the making of the album, 2. Henry introduces Rise Above, 3. Rise Above (Feat. Chuck D & Henry Rollins), 4. Henry introduces Nervous Breakdown, 5. Nervous Breakdown (Feat. Keith Morris), 6. Henry introduces Six Pack, 7. Six Pack (Feat. Mike Patton), 8. Henry introduces TV Party, 9. TV Party (Feat. Henry Rollins), 10. Henry introduces Thirsty & Miserable, 11. Thirsty & Miserable (Feat. Lemmy).

Download - Rapidshare
Download - MegaUpload

(Originally posted Wednesday, May 9, 2007)


Bruunski Beats Re-post No. 12: Greg Graffin - Live At the Silver Wings Club, Berlin, Germany 04.05.2006

Bad Religion frontman Greg Graffin in a satellite broadcasted concert from the Silver Wings Club in Berlin, Germany May 4th 2006. Unplugged gig supporting his folksy soloalbum Cold As the Clay, released on Anti in the summer of 2006. This concert also includes rare unplugged versions of the Bad Religion songs Suffer, God Song, Cease, Sorrow and Dream of Unity.

Greg Graffin @ MySpace
Greg Graffin @ Epitaph

Tracklist: 1. Don't Be Afraid to Run, 2. Omie Wise, 3. Cold As the Clay, 4. God Song (Bad Religion), 5. Highway, 6. Talk About Suffering, 7. Suffer (Bad Religion), 8. Willie Moore, 9. Rebel's Goodbye, 10. Cease (Bad Religion), 11. The Watchmaker's Dial, 12. Sorrow (Bad Religion), 13. One More Hill, 14. Dream of Unity (Bad Religion).

Download - MegaUpload

(Originally posted Thursday, April 12, 2007)


Bruunski Beats Re-post No. 11: Henry Rollins - Rival Hotel, Stockholm 18.01.2005

It took some time, but here's another Henry Rollins spoken word show for your enjoyment!
Back in January 2005 I traveled to Stockholm, Sweden to witness the pure genius that is Henry Rollins.

This is (hopefully) the only hard evidence of that trip - a fantastic spoken word show featuring Hank speaking for well over three hours. Recorded on a portable minidisc player - not the best quality recording, but far from the worst.
It's great fun, and well worth downloading!

Download - MegaUpload

(Originally posted Wednesday, May 2, 2007)


Bruunski Beats Re-post No. 10: V/A - Kiss Covered In Scandinavia (1997)

A bunch of Swedish bands pay homage to Kiss - and for some weird reason they call it a Scandinavian tribute... Featuring The Hellacopters, Entombed and Sator. Also includes a total of 22 minutes of interviews with each Kiss member. This compilation was only released in Sweden.

Tracklist: 1. Moon Flower - Detroit Rock City, 2. Håkan Hemlin & Mike Nilsson - Cold Gin, 3. Lindgren 5 Steps - Escape From the Island, 4. Entombed - God of Thunder, 5. Leila K - Rock Bottom, 6. The Creeps - Beth, 7. Borgvall Chamber Ensemble - Goin' Blind, 8. The Hellacopters - All American Man, 9. Infinite Mass - Black Diamond, 10. Sator - C'Mon and Love Me, 11. Dia Psalma - Love Gun, 12. Livin' Sacrifice - Do You Love Me, 13. Gone - Parasite, 14. Happy Nite Quartet - Rock and Roll All Nite, 15. Kiss Talks, 16. Kiss Talks.

Download - MegaUpload

(originally posted Monday, April 9, 2007)


Bruunski Beats Re-post No. 9: Hollywood Brats - Hollywood Brats (1973/80)

Like a less famous British cousin of the New York Dolls, the Hollywood Brats also had a taste for feather boas, glitter, and tough rock & roll played with rough-and-tumble abandon. Although they only recorded one full-length album that was not released until after they had broken up, the band is recognized as a pioneer of punk.
The first incarnation of the Hollywood Brats surfaced in London in 1971 when singer Andrew Matheson, Norwegian keyboard player Casino Steel, and drummer Lou Sparks began playing regular gigs as the Queen. When Freddie Mercury's band of the same name came on the scene, the original Queens wouldn't let him strong-arm them into a name change until his outfit scored a hit and they were forced to adopt a new handle, becoming the Hollywood Brats. In 1972, guitarist Eunan Brady came on board after meeting Matheson through his Melody Maker ad seeking a guitarist "drunk on scotch and Keith Richards"; with Wayne Manor on bass, the lineup for this raucous glam rock unit was in place. The band crashed and burned their way through regular live sets in the summer of 1973, when their flamboyant makeup and female attire, à la the New York Dolls and David Bowie, and attitude-laden bluesy rock began to attract a following. As Brady recalled in his liner notes for the 1999 Cherry Red Records re-release of the band's album, "The whole point of the Brats was to annoy and disturb!" Championed by Keith Moon, the band landed a deal with NEMS Records and recorded an album of pure rock fun with fuzzy, garage-flavored guitar solos, cowbell accents, and snotty lyrics populated with gold diggers and tramps. No label wanted to touch the finished product, however, and the recording languished until Mercury Records released the material as Grown Up Wrong in 1975, and Cherry Red Records issued their single "Then He Kissed Me" in 1979 and re-released the full-length album in 1980. But the band had self-destructed years earlier, with Matheson going on to record with Tools and Wreckless Eric's Last Orders, and Steel joining London SS briefly before Mat Dangerfield grabbed him to form the Boys in 1976.
Source: Answers.com

Tracklist: 1. Chez Maximes, 2. Another School Day, 3. Nightmare, 4. Empty Bottles, 5. Courtesan, 6. Then He Kissed Me, 7. Tumble With Me, 8. Zurich 17, 9. Southern Belles, 10. Drowning Sorrows, 11. Sick On You.

Download - RapidShare
Download - MegaUpload

(Originally posted Monday, April 23, 2007)


Bruunski Beats Re-post No. 8: Bad Religion - Sentrum Scene, Oslo 13.03.1996

This is a very low circulation bootleg from The Gray Race tour, with great sound quality. It's imported straight from the master tape and converted to mp3's. There's some minor glitches here and there because of problems with the recorder, and the songs Fuck Armageddon and Faith Alone are missing the end and beginning due to turning the tape - and the last track, Best For You, is cut short due to running out of tape...
Included in the zip-file are scans of the flyer, an ad from a newspaper, the ticket and a review of the show from the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. Enjoy!

Tracklist: 1. American Jesus, 2. No Control, 3. The Handshake, 4. 21st Century Digital Boy, 5. The Gray Race, 6. Drunk Sicerity, 7. Anesthesia, 8. What It Is, 9. Watch It Die, 10. Modern Man, 11. Change of Ideas, 12. Parallel, 13. Cease, 14. You Are the Government, 15. A Walk, 16. Do What You Want, 17. Fuck Armageddon... This Is Hell, 18. Faith Alone, 19. Punk Rock Song, 20. Along the Way, 21. Suffer, 22. Generator, 23. Empty Causes, 24. Come Join Us, 25. Pessimistic Lines, 26. The Answer, 27. Leave Mine to Me, 28. Pity the Dead, 29. Recipe For Hate, 30. Infected, 31. Ten In 2010, 32. We're Only Gonna Die, 33. Lookin' In, 34. Best For You.

Download, Part 1 - RapidShare
Download, Part 2 - RapidShare

(Originally posted Monday, April 30, 2007)


Bruunski Beats Re-post No. 7: V/A - SST Godhead Storedude In-Store Play Device #5 (1988)

Great compilation from SST Records, released in 1988. Originally this cassette was given to music stores for in-store playing, to promote the artists on SST. Includes tracks from well known acts such as Hüsker Dü, HR of Bad Brains, Screaming Trees, Sonic Youth and of course Black Flag.

Tracklist, Pt. 1: 1. Universal Congress Of - High Time, 2. Sister Double Happiness - Poodle Dog, 3. Divine Horsemen - Handful of Sand, 4. Run Westy Run - Heck House, 5. Treacherous Willie - Detonate, 6. Painted Willie - My Fellow Americans, 7. HR - Keep Out of Reach, 8. Das Kamen - Firejoke, 9. Hüsker Dü - Don't Try to Call, 10. Firehose - Rhymin' Spielin', 11. Black Flag - Louie Louie, 12. Carbon - Larynx, 13. Everett Shock - Ghost Boys

Tracklist, Pt. 2: 1. Always August - Flatlands, 2. Zoogz Rift - Here There and Everywhere, 3. Screaming Trees - Barriers, 4. HR - Now You Say, 5. Brian Ritchie - Atomkrieg, 6. Mofungo - The Wit and Wisdom of Judge Bork, 7. Sonic Youth - Sonik Death, 8. Ras Michael - Jealous, 9. HR - It's About Luv, 10. Cruel Frederick - Lonely Woman, 11. Tar Babies - Wisdom Drill, 12. Alter Natives - Caffiend.

Part 1:
Download - MegaUpload

Part 2:
Download - MegaUpload

(Originally posted Monday, April 9, 2007)


January 17, 2010

Bruunski Beats Re-post No. 6: V/A - Ellediller & krokofanter: En hyllest til Knutsen & Ludvigsen (1996)

A Norwegian tribute to the legendary Knutsen & Ludvigsen – featuring some of Norways most famous bands, including great performances from Motorpsycho, Israelvis, Cockroach Clan and Gartnerlosjen.

Tracklist: 1. Racer - Dum og deilig, 2. Tre små kinesere - Matpakkespisevise, 3. Astroburger - Sov godt, 4. Pogo Pops - Kanskje kommer Kongen (m/Ludvigsen), 5. Israelvis - Dyrevise (m/Knutsen), 6. De Lillos - Jeg er en forhekset prinsesse, 7. Cockroach Clan - Kenguruvise, 8. Funny Farm - Klomse, 9. Motorpsycho - Syk, 10. Vampire State Building - Måneland, 11. Gartnerlosjen - Byggesketsj, 12. Noodle - Grevling i taket, 13. Skrømt - Kaptein Knutsen, 14. Poor Rich Ones - Knutsens drøm.

Download - MegaUpload

(originally posted Monday, April 9, 2007)


Bruunski Beats Re-post No. 5: Elvis Presley - Having Fun With Elvis On Stage (1974)

Having Fun with Elvis on Stage is a 1974 live album from Elvis Presley that Presley's manager, Colonel Tom Parker, had RCA put out.
Having Fun With Elvis on Stage is considered by many critics to be the worst live album Elvis or anyone else has ever put out. This is because there were no song performances on it, only tape byplay recorded between songs - Elvis telling jokes, requesting a drink of water, and demonstrating eleven different ways to pronounce "Memphis." Though it clearly said "A Talking Album Only" on the cover, Having Fun with Elvis on Stage was nonetheless packaged and marketed as a legitimate concert album.
Parker was seeking to add to the collection of merchandise sold at Presley's concerts. RCA owned the rights to Elvis' music, but Parker discovered he could sell an album of Elvis simply talking. Someone took 37 minutes of Elvis' stage banter and spliced it together. The banter on the album does not follow any set pattern or purpose. "If one had any reason at all to believe that Col. Parker put more than an afternoon into assembling this album," writes the AllMusic Guide, "one might suspect he was aiming for a purposefully dada-esque approach, but apathy and ineptitude seems to be the only realistic explanations for this record's haphazard structure."
It managed to make it up to #130 on the Billboard album charts.
Source: Wikipedia

Download - RapidShare
Download - MegaUpload

(Originally posted Tuesday, April 17, 2007)


Bruunski Beats Re-post No. 4: Elvis Presley - Elvis' Greatest Shit (1983)

Elvis' Greatest Shit is a bootleg released in the early 80s filled with really crappy songs from Elvis movies, along with alternate versions of a few good songs in less than great versions.
Those of us who think of Elvis as a great artist really need to hear this, to remind us all of what he was capable of. It's hard to say what is harder to hear? The version of the beautiful Are You Lonesome Tonight where Elvis slobbers his way through half-remembered lyrics, or the simple existence of officially released Elvis songs called Yoga Is As Yoga Does, Queenie Wahine's Papaya or Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce? Perhaps the "best" of this shit is Dominic the Impotent Bull, which is indeed what the song is about.
The bootleg-label Dog Vomit Records has recently released an expanded version of this album, with over 30 tracks - but this one will have to do for now. Enjoy!

Tracklist: 1. Old Mac Donald Had a Farm, 2. Ito Eats, 3. There's No Room to Rhumba In a Sports Car, 4. Confidence, 5. Yoga Is As Yoga Does, 6. Song of the Shrimp, 7. U.S. Male, 8. Ford Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, 9. Signs of the Zodiac, 10. The Bullfighter Was a Lady, 11. Wolf Call, 12. Can't Help Falling In Love, 13. He's Your Uncle Not Your Dad, 14. Scratch My Back Then I'll Scratch Yours, 15. The Walls Have Ears, 16. Poison Ivy League, 17. Beach Boy Blues, 18. Dominic the Impotent Bull, 19. Queenie Wahine's Papaya, 20. Do the Clamhake, 21. Datin', 22. Are You Lonesome Tonight?, 23. Outro.

Download - RapidShare

(Originally posted Tuesday, April 17th, 2007)


Bruunski Beats Re-post No. 3: Hat - Oppstopparnassi (1993)

NORWEGIAN: En av trønderrockens skjulte og glemte skatter, humorrockbandet Hat, har nylig hatt reunion på Steinkjer, og sluppet skiva "Hi du sjett koss det sjer ut utti gangen?" - feiret med et storslått releaseparty på Steinkjer.
I forbindelse med gigantenes tilbakekomst får du her tilgang på debuten "Oppstopparnassi" fra 1993, produsert av selveste Alex Rosén! ...uten at det gjør så mye fra eller til. De udødelige klassikerne "Sveitt i natt", "Nekrofil kjæppjaging" og "Vi rusla hainn i hainn med vadera" er akkurat like pubertale - og morsomme - den dag i dag som de var for 15 år siden!
ENGLISH: This is funny if you are Norwegian - don't bother downloading this if you're not!

Tracklist: 1. Sveitt i natt, 2. Hainn vesst itj at vI vesst ka hainn vesst, 3. Pittsa, 4. Våkna opp dau, 5. Kvisa & bylla, 6. Tussi potens, 7. Nissjikissjilissji, 8. Usekkert, 9. Hjølp dæ & drekk, 10. Vi rusla hainn i hainn med vadera, 11. Nekrofil kjæppjaging, 12. Kakebu, 13. Lakentroillet, 14. Nætt finn, 15. Oppstopparnassi, 16. Skræmsel foill av svineri, 17. Ka du vil, 18. Hæsli sang, 19. Fjærn dæ.

Download (72 Mb): Megaupload / Rapidshare

Originally posted Wednesday, March 19th, 2008.


Bruunski Beats Re-post No. 2: The Sonics - Øyafestivalen, Oslo, Norway 09.08.2008

The most dangerous band in the world! Live in Oslo, Norway yesterday! (Originally posted August 10th, 2008) Enjoy!
"If you think Punk started in London in 1977 or New York in 1975 or even Detroit in 1969, you had better take a listen to this. Punk started in the early sixties in America's Pacific Northwest. End of story. This is what you get when you put a bunch of spotty, angry, musically-challenged young men together in a dank cellar with some Danelectro guitars, Silvertone amps, a Farfisa organ and some crappy drums. This is definitely music that parents don't want their kids to hear. Actually, come to think of it, maybe it's music that kids don't want their parents to hear.
The Sonics' sound is noticeably rougher, cruder, and more brutal than that of their musical peers. Although they had a fairly standard instrumental line up for the time, The Sonics made their unique sound with wild arrangements, often disturbing lyrics, peppered with screaming and howling, and electric guitars played through amplifiers customized to achieve the harshest tones possible. Although their chief period of success was coincident with the release of Gibson's first fuzzbox, The Sonics' fuzzy sound was their own creation.
The songs they played were a mixture of garage rock standards ("Louie, Louie"), early rock and roll ("Jenny, Jenny") and original compositions such as "Strychnine", "Psycho", and "The Witch", all based upon simple chord sequences, played hard and fast.
The lyrics of The Sonics' original material dealt with early '60s teenage culture; cars, guitars, surfing, and girls (in songs like "The Hustler" and "Maintaining My Cool") alongside darker subject matter such as drinking strychnine for kicks, witches, psychopaths, and Satan (in the songs "Strychnine", "The Witch", "Psycho", and "He's Waiting", respectively)".
Source: Amazon & Wikipedia

Here's the concert in 256 kbps mp3's!

Tracklist: 1. He's Waiting, 2. Money, 3. Cinderella, 4. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, 5. Boss Hoss, 6. Keep On Knockin', 7. The Hustler, 8. You Got Your Head On Backwards, Baby, 9. Have Love Will Travel, 10. Strychnine, 11. Lucille, 12. Walkin' the Dog, 13. Shot Down, 14. Dirty Robber, 15. Psycho, 16. Louie Louie, 17. The Witch.
Download (114 Mb): Megaupload


Bruunski Beats Re-post No. 1: Subway Suck - Little Red Album (1979)

En norsk godbit i dag - "Little Red Album" med Subway Suck!
"Subway Suck fra Trondheim ble av Polygram prøvd lansert som Norges svar på Sex Pistols etter at de hadde spilt inn og presset NRK!/Æ spyr//I Sold My Ass For Rock`n`roll (Snowball BALL 601) 7" ps 78. Tekstene var imidlertid så rå i følge artist ansvarlig at platen ble trukket tilbake fra lansering. Tekstene som ble for harde for Polygram, står forøvrig på trykk i Nye takter nr 5/79. Det skal visstnok eksistere så mange som ca 25 eksemplarer, resten av opplaget ble destruert.
Bandet så på seg selv som et hardt heavy metal band og følte seg ikke relatert til punken, til tross for Polygrams iherdige forsøk på å være de første i Norge som skulle ri på den Engelske pønk bølgen. Det står respekt av Subway Suck sin holdning til å stå imot lett tjente kroner på å bli lansert som første norske pønkeband. Polygrams holdning derimot minner oss bare om at ethvert opprør, geniun musikk, whatever, kan bli oppkjøpt, men bare hvis vi tillater det".
Kilde: NXP

"Hardrockband fra Trondheim, dannet i 1977 og oppløst i 1980. Subway Suck markerer selve startskuddet for platekarrieren til Dag Ingebrigtsen. Foruten Ingebrigtsen (vokal) besto bandet av Hans Aafløy (gitar, keyboards), Jarl Mosand (bass, keyboards) og Erlend Antonsen (trommer). Bandet deltok i NM i rock 1979, hvor de endte på tredjeplass etter Broadway News og Tornerose. Allerede før denne konkurransen hadde Subway Suck vært i studio og spilt inn sin første LP med produsent Inge Holst Jacobsen. Platen ble utgitt på rød vinyl på selskapet Vertigo i 1979. Et år senere var bandet historie, og Ingebrigtsen stilte på nytt opp i NM i rock, denne gang med The Kids. Senere startet han TNT og laget en av landets mest populære fotballsanger sammen med Torstein Flakne fra Stage Dolls".
Kilde: Norsk pop- og rockleksikon

"Subway Suck var en norsk heavyrock-gruppe startet høsten 1977 som trio, med Erlend Antonsen (trommer), Jarl Mosand (bass) og Hans Aafløy (gitar/vokal). Ga ut singelen NRK/Æ spyr, men Polygram trakk den imidlertid tilbake på grunn av grove tekster. 25 eksemplarer unnslapp makulaturen og er idag samlerobjekter. Besetningen ble supplert med Dag Ingebrigtsen i 1978, og Little Red Album ble utgitt samme år. Bandet kom på 3. plass i NM for rockeband i 1979".
Kilde: Wikipedia

"The Subway Suck was formed as a trio in 1977. They recorded a single, N.R.K., which was banned by the record company. At this point, they joined forces with singer Dag Ingebrigtsen, and began playing gigs. They even played support for The Boys. In 1979 they start working on their debut album, “Subway Suck’s little red album”. This was released later that year, on… red vinyl. In the summer of ’79, the band tried their luck in “Battle of the bands”/”NM for rockeband”, where they came in third place. After this, they head into the studio to begin work on their second album. By now, they have a fall out with the record company, and they are left without a recording deal. At the end of ‘79, they decide to split up the band. Some of the members would later rise to fame (and fortune?) in bands like The Kids, TNT and Stage Dolls".
Source: MySpace

Tracklist: 1. I Have Been In Paradise, 2. Back to Life, 3. You and Me, 4. Split the Band, 5. With a Knife, 6. Tombola Doll, 7. Just In Time, 8. Tomorrow's Gonna Come, 9. When I Die, 10. The Pain of Bein' In Love.
Download (86 Mb): Megaupload

Subway Suck @ Wikipedia / Dag Ingebrigtsen / Unofficial Subway Suck MySpace


December 24, 2009

Free Xmas Music DL's

Amazingly, last year's uploaded file for the 1988 cassette release "Xmas Tunes" is still working, go to Bruunski Beats or drectly to Rapidshare. Next year I will offer Vol. 2 from 1995. Those of us who still haven't seen the Star Wars Xmas TV Special (only aired once due to its awfulness) can always try out the Star Wars Xmas LP, from Wonderful Wonderblog. At Stereogum, you can get holiday songs from Blondie, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Can and 20 others. Obscure 80's xmas comp tapes by "Oscar", posted at No Longer Forgotten Music; #1 - #2 - #3. Insane amounts of old xmas albums and one new mix of trax at Stax-o-Wax.

Also, here's info on Rob Halford's xmas album released in Oct. this year.


December 21, 2009

Lag din egen sekt!

Nytt fra Kjettersk Kjeller: Kjettersk Kjeller torsdag 28. januar: Forfatter Torgrim Eggen: Lag din egen sekt! -- Slippefest for Eggens roman Jern -- Sekt-NM med gilde premier!

Er du blakk? Frustrert? Er det lenge siden det ble noe på deg? Start din egen sekt!

Verden er full av det religionsvitere kaller ”nye religiøse bevegelser” og tabloidpressen kaller ”sekter”: Små grupper som mener menneskeheten er på ville veier, mens de selv sitter på den sannheten som gjør at de (og bare de) kan redde verden. Enten denne sannheten kommer fra øst eller vest, er urgammel eller moderne, en radikal politisk nyordning, en merkelig ”vitenskapelig” idé eller en mystisk åpenbaring.

En som har latt seg inspirere av dette temaet er forfatteren Torgrim Eggen. Hans siste roman heter Jern, og handler om en nyreligiøs bevegelse, en bevegelse som er skapt av Eggen selv. For å gjøre historien kort handler romanen om småsprø religiøse forestilinger, spøere politikk, konspirasjonsteorier og tvilsom vitenskap. Med andre ord alt vi elsker her i vår lille, kjetterske kjeller. Så hvor ville det være mer passende å lansere boken enn hos oss denne kvelden?

Torgrim Eggen (som mange vil huske som overdommer i vårt dommedagsmesterskap) vil holde et foredrag der han forteller om hvordan koker man sammen en sekt på YouTube-klipp, obskur faglitteratur, merkelige nettsider og oppslagstavlene på vegetarrestauranter. Vi har hørt stygge rykter om Eggens evner som foredragsholder, så dette blir virkelig noe å se fram til.
Videre så regner vi med at våre gjester, etter dette innblikket i Eggens kreative knep, vil boble over av egne ideer og ha lyst til å ufordre ham. For det er vel opplagt at selv den mest oppfinnsomme forfatter ikke kan konkurrere med Kjellerpublikummet når det kommer til det bisarre?
Derfor drar vi i gang historiens første norgesmesterskap i sekter, der vårt eminente dommerpanel vil kåre det sprekeste sektkonseptet. Innsatsen vil belønnes med eksemplarer av Eggens roman, rett fra trykkpressen.

Dessuten blir det som vanlig mørk og morsom musikk, mat og drikke og godt selskap. Noen andre kulturelle innslag må også påregnes, men her er ikke alle detaljene spikret enda. Vi kommer tilbake med informasjon om disse i januar.

Som vanlig holder vi til på M3 i Maridalsveien 3, vi starter festivitasen kl. 19, og du må ha fylt 18 år og ha 70 kroner for å komme inn.

Velkommen til Kjettersk Kjeller torsdag den 28. januar. Om ikke verden har gått under i mellomtiden, da …


November 30, 2009

Cleaners From Venus free DL's

A compilation or re-release of Martin Newell's early cassette releases as Cleaners From Venus has been hinted at for decades, but while you wait you can try some of these DL links (links may get outdated and stop working at any time):

"Under Wartime Conditions" (1984) at No Longer Forgotten Music

"Midnight Cleaners" (1982), "In The Golden Autumn" (1983), and "Under Wartime Conditions" (1984) at Egg City Radio (re-posted from Mutant Sounds)

"Brotherhood of Lizards" (1988) at Mutant Sounds.

"Without The Beatles" tribute comp. CD or LP + 7" feat. CFV and Newell. The last copies of the 7" may be available from Newell's webshop, but the CD and LP is out of print. At Power Pop Criminals.

From wiki: "Martin Newell (born 1953), also known as "the Wild Man of Wivenhoe", is an English rock musician, singer, guitarist, songwriter, poet and author. He grew up in an army family in various parts of England and the Far East. His music is guitar pop with jangly, upbeat, guitar-centric arrangements."

Martin Newell's official site has now opened a small webshop and is selling off the last rarities from Jarmusic's old stock. / Also, check out Cherry Red's Newell and CFV CD's / Discography by John Relph / Beautiful cover of "I Wasn't Drinking" by R. Stevie Moore at youtube.

Update December: During November Martin posted these news at his site: "Big news is that Burger Records of Americy are currently putting into process a re-release of 3 Cleaners From Venus original tapes. These are Midnight Cleaners, Under Wartime Conditions and the once-lost In The Golden Autumn. They've cleaned them up (I've heard them-they're good.) and well, watch this space!"

Cool! And nice that they are putting out complete works, as there have been four or five CD comp's of various stuff so far, although most of that were taken from record releases recorded in "proper" studios, and not from the old tape releases made at home. This is prob'ly the correct label: Burger Records


November 27, 2009

Rechtum Immortalis free DL CD and farewell concert

Rechtum Immortalis, the punk band from Mo i Rana, throws in the towel after their concert at Blitz, Oslo, tonight. Their new album "....Fins det en død etter livet?.." is available as a free download [here] (zip file at Mediafire incl. front and back cover).

Other RI related links: MySpace / Rockekrypt / YouTube / Rockheim / fb // The release is also posted at Paranoia is Freedom

Their concert is part of the 2 day festival "Barrikaderock", a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the radio show on RadiOrakel.

Concert program:


October 23, 2009

Gristleism Buddha Machines

You've heard of the Buddha Machines, now Throbbing Gristle puts out their own version, with as many as 13 loops to play.

From Gristleism.com: Thirteen original TG loops: a mix of experimental noise,
industrial drone, classic melodies and rhythms.

Built-in 50mm speaker, volume control, pitch-shift control and loop selector switch *.

Features more loops and almost twice the frequency range of the original Buddha Machines.

Powered by two AA batteries.
Palm-Sized: W 67mm x H 69mm x D 35mm
Available in three colours: Black, Chrome and Red
UK Retail Price: 19.99 GPB
Designed by: Throbbing Gristle & Christiaan Virant
Concept by: Christiaan Virant
Manufactured by: Industrial Records Ltd
Music by: Throbbing Gristle (www.throbbing-gristle.com)

Track List:
01 - Persuasion
02 - Hamburger Lady
03 - Twenty Jazz Funk Greats
04 - Thank You Brian
05 - Maggot Death
06 - Rabbit Snare
07 - Lyre Liar
08 - Wimpy bar
09 - Sex String Theory
10 - Heathen Earth
11 - Industrial Intro
12 - R & D
13 - After After Cease To Exist

Also: Tabletop Gristleizer unit, at $375.

Videoclips from 2009 Tour thru wassonii.

Album sold on tour/mailorder: Third Mind Movements


October 22, 2009

Famlende Forsøk live at HOK 251009


FAMLENDE FORSØK: Famlende Forsøk fra Arendal/Eydehavn startet i 1981 og manifesterte seg med en lang rekke kassettutgivelser utover 80-tallet og kultplaten "Ars Transmutatoria" i 1990; et album som ofte blir nevnt som en viktig inspirasjonskilde for 90-tallsgenerasjon av norsk støy og eksperimentell musikk. Prosjektet består vokalist Brt og musikerne Lumpy Davy og ChrispH. Over langstrakte elektroniske og akustiske klangflater messer Brt sine særegne tekster på Arendals-dialekt, som gjenspeiler Burroughs cut-up teknikker og lydpoesiens estetikk. Etter "Ars Transmutatoria" brukte Famlende Forsøk 16 år på å fullføre sitt H.P. Lovecraft-prosjekt "One Night I Had A Frightful Dream". Konserten på Høvikodden blir deres første i Oslo-traktene på mange år.

Andre artister: Sten Hanson, Jordan Scott, Pär Thörn, Sarah Granskou.

Famlende Forsøk links: "Ars Transmutatoria" DL at Mutant Sounds // "Greatest SHiTs Vol. 2" DL // "Døve Munker"/"En Overraskende Måte ..." DL's // Ultrapop // Hommage Records // Crohinga // Tarkus // Luna Kafe // Crawling Chaos/SHiT Tapes Catalogue // MP3 DL of FF live at Munkehaugen Kultursenter 101009

Live at Månefisken 271009: Dog Age (20th Anniversary of debut album "Good Day").


October 21, 2009

Night of the Vampire

Nytt fra Kjettersk Kjeller: Vampyrolog Arnfinn Pettersen snakker om:
Stakkars vampyren: Blodsugerens vei fra monster til offer

Kjettersk Kjeller er så heldig å ha Norges ledende (og muligens eneste) vampyrolog i styret. Denne vampyrologen heter Arnfinn Pettersen, og er forfatter av boken Vampyr! Blodsugende lik i litteratur og tradisjon (Humanist forlag).

Så når Pettersens bok foreligger i blodfersk paperbackutgave, er det klart vi må ha en liten vampyrkveld i kjelleren vår for å feire begivenheten. Og kanskje ta en liten tur tilbake til Kjettersk Kjellers gotiske røtter.

Vampyren er populær som aldri før, og gjennom filmatiseringer av bøker som La den rette komme inn og Twilight, og TV-serier som True Blood skjer det interessante ting på vampyrfeltet. Vampyren holder på å utvikle seg.

Arnfinn Pettersen skal derfor kaste et blikk på vampyrens evolusjon, og snakke om artens forskjellige utviklingsstadier. Fra liket som kom tilbake til de levende og spredte skrekk og pest, via de kule og dekadente vampyrene fra populærkulturens litteratur og filmer, og til dagens vampyrer, som er ofre for storsamfunnets fordommer og forfølgelse.

Og hva er det med vampyrer som glitrer i sola og kliner med fjortiser?

Ellers blir det mat, drikke, musikk og annet som hører til på en Kjellerkveld. Mulighet for å kjøpe bok - og få den signert - blir det også.

Som vanlig holder vi til på M3 Mat og bar i Maridalsveien 3. Inngangsprisen er 70 kroner, aldersgrensen er 18 år og vi henter fram hvitløken og stakene kl. 19.


October 05, 2009

Nødutgang 2009 Free comp. CD DL

This just in from the Paranoia is Freedom blog:

"This is a free download album to promote this years NØDUTGANG festival. It will hit everyone brave enough to be there between October 22 and October 25. The concerts and performances will be held at several venues in Bodø (Norway). For more information about the program, dates, prices etc look at this link.

The album is the forth in a row that pick up several of the artists on the festival and let them present their music. The first two years (2006 and 2007) came out as CDs, but we thought that it might be better to let it be a free download album. So last year and this year we present to you a free download album in MP3 256 kbps. Free for everyone to download and distribute at their www or blog or whatever. NO ONE has any permission to take any kind off fee for downloading these tracks. OK enough words lets get into the real thing."

Free DL here.


September 14, 2009

From Jupitter to Bodø - all artists now confirmed for Nødutgang Oct. 22nd thru 25th

Nødutgang-festivalen i Bodø er flyttet fra sommeren til 22.-25. oktober. De har tidligere booket artister som Faust, Famlende Forsøk og KK Null. I år har de fått tak i en amerikansk artist med veldig lang fartstid, nemlig GX Jupitter-Larsen a.k.a. "The Haters". Dette er hans første opptreden i Norge, på tross av norske aner.

Fra pressemelding:

"GX Jupitter-Larsen & the Haters

The Haters er en konseptuell kunst tropp fra USA som ble startet i Canada I 1979. The Haters er en av de tidligste gruppene innen sin sjanger og er nå en av de mest kjente i verden. Hovedpersonen bak The Haters er GX Jupitter-Larsen. Hans far var norsk, men har inntil opptreden på NØDUTGANG festival 23. oktober 2009 har ikke han vært i Norge før. Gruppen er hovedsakelig Jupitter-Larsen sitt da han er eneste faste medlem. Således er det nesten en konstant forandring i hvem som er The Haters og gjerne lokale artister i den byen The Haters opptrer.

The Haters har opptrådt over hele verden og nå står også Norge for første gang på turneplanen. NØDUTGANG har jobbet aktivt fra festivalen ble startet for å få nettopp GX Jupitter-Larsen & The Haters til vår festival fordi de er verdensledende innen noise sjangeren. At The Haters er populære tyder nok en utgivelsesliste som inkluderer over 300 CD og plateutgivelser i tillegg kommer en rekke kassett utgivelser. The Haters har tidligere bidratt på to utgivelser fra Bodø selskapet Requiem Productions på 1980-tallet.

GX Jupitter-Larsen har de seneste årene bodd i Hollywood, California hvor han har fortsatt sin kunstneriske aktivitet som musiker, komponist, filmmaker, forfatter og performance kunstner. Han startet sin kunstneriske karriere innen punk bevegelsen, som han snart videreutviklet på sin høyst personlige måte. Han har vært aktiv som multikunstner siden slutten av 1970-tallet og har utmerket seg bl.a. innen mail art, kassettkulturen på 1980-tallet, som kunstmaler og på fanzine fronten. Han har også hatt flere radioshow som tilsammen har vart i mer enn 3500 timer fordelt over 31 forskjellige radiostasjoner i 11 land. I løpet av 1990-årene var han lyddesigner for performance kunstneren Mark Pauline sitt robotkunstprosjekt Survival Research Laboratories.

Som en rød tråd i Jupitter-Larsen sitt kunstneriske virke ligger en miks av estetikk og konseptuel besettelse, spesielt mot forfall og finne nye veier å se verden på, i tillegg til profesjonell wrestling og hans egne oppfinnelser av forskjellige måleinstrumenter."

Blant CD-utgivelsene til GXJ-L kan vi nevne The Haters: "Death-Defying Sickness" (2002) og The Haters: "The Utitled Title Belt" (2002). En linjal med lav måleteknisk og noe høyere kunstnerisk verdi finner man her. Sjekk også "The Totimorphous" tegneserien og samlingene med historier og dikt, "34 Essays" (1978-2003) og "34 Tales" (1983-2003).

More information: www.jupitter-larsen.com // GXJ-L on MySpace // wiki GXJ-L // wiki The Haters

Festival news in english // norsk // Musikk fra Norge blog

Other artists booked: Bodø Sinfonietta m/Iancu Dumitrescu & Ana Maria Avram (ROM), Zanstones w/Zan Hoffman (USA), Synkron Ulyd, PLX-15, Lasse Jensen, Next Life, Hosho (USA)

October update: List of artists is final. These are the names not listed above: Second Reality/Petter O Hanna/To Festivalsjefer/Karstein Djupdal/FipPellektormonic/Geoff Leigh (UK)/Mouches Volantes/Origami Emergencyka/Hosho (USA/Tyskland)/Geraldine Swayne (UK)(film)/Hairy Bones (Ger/Jap/It/Nor)/
Bodycocktail w/Zan Hoffman (USA)

Free DL of Nødutgang comp. CD from 2008 [A][B]


September 10, 2009

Kjettersk Kjeller 6,6,6-års jubileum

Fra kjetter.com: Denne kvelden feirer Kjettersk Kjeller jubileum. Og siden vi synes femårsjubileer er for streitinger, har vi ventet med å feire oss selv til vi hadde holdt på i seks år, seks måneder og seks dager. Slik fikk vi et tall som var verdt å vente på.

Denne kvelden skal vi ta for oss et tema som virkelig er omspunnet av ubesvarte spørsmål: Frimureriet.

Hva driver frimurerne egentlig med bak fasadene på losjebygningene sine? Er frimurerne en sammenslutning av mektige og maktlystne menn, som blir redskaper for enda skumlere krefter? Hvorfor er ritualene deres hemmelige? Er det slik at det angivelig kristne frimureriet inneholder okkulte hemmeligheter når man kommer høyt nok i gradene? Kort sagt: Hvor bekymrede bør vi være for at Norge har nesten 20 000 frimurere, og at antallet bare vokser?

For å få svar på disse spørsmålene, har vi vendt oss til den skandinaven som sannsynligvis best kan svare på dem. Han heter Henrik Bogdan, er universitetslektor og underviser i religionsvitenskap ved Universitetet i Göteborg. Bogdan har doktorgrad i frimurerritualer, og har i tillegg arbeidet med hemmelige selskaper som The Golden Dawn og okkultister som Aleister Crowley.

Bogdan skal ikke bare kaste lys over frimurernes historie og avsløre hvordan frimureriet fungerer i dag, men også se på frimurerne betydning for moderne religiøsitet. Mange okkulte og nyreligiøse retninger står nemlig i mye større gjeld til frimurerne enn det de er klar over – eller liker å innrømme.

I anledning vårt kjetterske 666-jubileum, avholder vi også paneldebatt over det viktige og aktuelle spørsmålet "Bør kjettere brennes på bålet?" Her vil vi også spørre våre gjester, som tydeligvis er godt orienterte om kjetteri, til råds.

Ellers blir det som alltid mat, drikke, mørk musikk og annen moro, og som vanlig treffes vi på M3 Mat og bar i Maridalsveien 3. Inngangsprisen er 70 kroner, aldersgrensen er 18 år og vi drar på oss murerforklærne kl. 19.

[Den Norske Frimurerorden]


William S. Burroughs - A Man Within

Brand new documentary about WSB, the first one since his death in 1997.

From imdb: William S. Burroughs: featuring never before seen footage as well as exclusive interviews with his closest friends and colleagues. Born the heir of the Burroughs' adding machine estate, he struggled throughout his life with addiction, control systems, and self. He was forced to deal with the tragedy of killing his wife and the repercussions of neglecting his son.

His novel, Naked Lunch, was one of the last books to be banned by the U.S. government. Allen Ginsberg and Norman Mailer testified on behalf of the book. The courts eventually overturned their decision in 1966, ruling that the book had an important social value. It remains one of the most recognized literary works of the 20th century. William Burroughs was one of the first to cross the dangerous boundaries of queer and drug culture in the 1950s, and write about his experiences.

Eventually he was hailed the godfather of the beat generation and influenced artists for generations to come. However, his friends were left wondering, did William ever find happiness? This extremely personal documentary breaks the surface of the troubled and brilliant world of one of the greatest authors of all time. "William S. Burroughs: A Man Within" is the first and only posthumous documentary about this legendary figure.

Official site (see the trailer) // wiki // WSB at wassonii // WSB at weescoosa


August 09, 2009

John A. Keel 1930-2009 R.I.P.

Fortean researcher, journalist and author John Alva Keel died July 3rd at 79. He was best known for his supernatural study "The Mothman Prophecies" (1975), that was made into a film starring Richard Gere in 2002.

From Cryptomundo: John Alva Keel, 79, a friend, Fortean, fierce fighter for his theories, professionally a writer and journalist, has died. A fellow admirer of Mothman and the anomalies all around us, such as the “name game,” is gone.

Keel, who lived most of his life in New York City, passed away on Friday, July 3, 2009, at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, after some months in a nursing home near his Upper West Side apartment.

Born Alva John Kiehle in upstate New York on March 25, 1930, John Keel began writing at a young age. Indeed, Keel’s first published story was in a magician’s magazine at the age of 12.

Keel would go on to become a scriptwriter for radio and television, and a stringer for newspapers. He later moved to Greenwich Village and wrote for various men’s and speciality magazines.

Keel’s first published book was Jadoo in 1957, which was quickly serialized in a men’s adventure magazine. The paperback is his account of his journey of discovery to India to investigate the alleged activities of fakirs and holy men who perform the Indian rope trick and who survive being buried alive. In Jadoo, Keel also told of tracking a Yeti, an Abominable Snowman, in the jungles of Asia.

John A. Keel’s non-fiction look at the very real unplanned twists in life were recorded in his 1966 novel, The Fickle Finger of Fate. It is a rare book, and few realize that Keel wrote this book.

Keel was an early admirer of Charles Fort (1874-1932), and while still doing the mainstream writing, began authoring articles for England’s Flying Saucer Review (FSR) and a long series of columns for Saga.

Further influenced by Fortean Ivan T. Sanderson and ufologist Aimé Michel, in early 1966, John Keel commenced a full-time investigation of monster, aerial and paranormal phenomena. Over a four-year period, Keel interviewed thousands of people in over twenty U.S. states, especially in the Ohio River Valley of the United States. More than 2,000 books were reviewed in the course of his investigation, in addition to thousands of magazines, newsletters, and newspapers. Keel also subscribed to several newspaper-clipping services, which often generated up to 150 clippings for a single day during the 1966 and 1967 UFO “wave.” Besides FSR, Keel wrote for several magazines including Saga with one 1967 article “UFO Agents of Terror” referring to the Men in Black. He also wrote one of the first articles on Mothman in FSR, during this same time period.

Like other contemporary 1960s researchers such as J. Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallée, Keel was initially hopeful that he could somehow validate the prevailing nuts-and-bolts, extraterrestrial visitation hypothesis for UFOs. However, a year into his investigations, Keel realized that the extraterrestrial hypothesis was untenable and did not explain, for him, based within his personality and belief systems, all the answers.

Keel’s insights also included his view of cryptozoology.

I grew to know Keel after being introduced to him through mutual friends Brad Steiger and Ivan Sanderson. I worked closely with Keel on contributing as yet-unpublished material of mine for his book, Strange Creatures from Time and Space (1970), which would influence my and Jerome Clark’s first two books The Unidentified (1975) and Creatures from the Outer Edge (1978).

Keel’s impact is far-reaching. Keel’s book, Strange Creatures from Time and Space was the inspiration for Craig Woolheater’s interest in Bigfoot and eventually would stimulate the creation of Cryptomundo.

Love him or hate him, John Keel was popular and one of the most widely read and influential Fortean authors of the late 20th century. Although his own thoughts about aerial, monster, and associated anomalous phenomena gradually evolved during the 1960s, Keel remained one of ufology’s most original and controversial researchers.

It was Keel’s second book, UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse (1970), that alerted the general public that many aspects of contemporary UFO reports, including humanoid encounters, often paralleled certain ancient folklore and religious encounters. Keel also argued that there is a direct relationship between UFOs and elemental phenomena. Keel informed me often that he did not consider himself a “ufologist,” but a “demonologist.”

Wiki // "John Keel was..." // Evening Tribune // UFO Digest // UFO Mystic // Keel at amazon: Best Of / Mothman / Mysterious Beings / Jadoo


August 01, 2009

VU singles 7x7 1966-69

News from Sundazed Records, who put out 2008's most acclaimed reissue, the triple vinyl/dbl. CD Dennis Wilson: Pacific Ocean Blue/Bambu album:

The Velvet Underground Singles 1966–69

Sundazed is proud to release The Velvet Underground Singles 1966–69, a 7 x 7" single box set honoring the legendary New York combo's 7" vinyl output in their rare mono versions. The set features exact reproductions of Velvet Underground singles, two of them with their original picture sleeves. The singles are packaged in a distinctively designed box, along with rare vintage photos and new liner notes by Rolling Stone's David Fricke (who also penned the acclaimed notes for the historic 1995 Velvets CD box set Peel Slowly and See).

The Velvet Underground—whose membership included Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, Maureen Tucker, Doug Yule and Nico—introduced numerous sonic and thematic innovations that laid much of the groundwork for punk and alternative rock. Although they're now acknowledged as one of the most influential bands in rock history, during their existence the Velvets barely registered on mainstream radar, and were often reviled by mainstream observers as well as hippie-era arbiters of cool. But, as Fricke writes in the new set's liner notes, "Somewhere, in another rock & roll universe, the Velvet Underground are more than a legendary band. They are stars, with hit singles—the original seven-inch masterpieces inside this box."

Although they never came close to scoring a hit, the Velvet Underground was ideally suited to the 7" single format. "The Velvet Underground were a great singles band," David Fricke notes, adding that the Velvets "invented modern rock with searing guitar distortion, throbbing improvisation and brutally realistic tales of life on the wild side. But they did it all in these classic pop songs—compact miracles of raw drive, intimate beauty and Top 40 ecstasy, heard again in the original, thrilling mono single mixes."

The seven singles included in The Velvet Underground Singles 1966–69 comprise the four Velvets singles originally released in the U.S. on the Verve and MGM labels, plus an additional pair of singles that were prepared for release but never made it to the marketplace and a special radio-only promotional single. The singles feature alternate mono versions that differ in significant ways from the songs' better-known stereo album versions. For instance, the band's 1966 debut single "All Tomorrow's Parties" appears here in a special mono edit that amplifies the song's melodic beauty and sonic tension, and a mono mix of their sophomore single "Sunday Morning" emphasizes the song's haunting quality. Meanwhile, the mono single version of "White Light/White Heat" exemplifies the vintage Velvets' stark, distortion-laden fury, while a mono edit of "What Goes On" accentuates that song's inherent pop jangle.

The Velvet Underground Singles 1966–69 also includes two unissued singles, one with a never-released pairing of "White Light/White Heat" backed by "I Heard Her Call My Name," and the other with "Temptation Inside Your Heart" and "Stephanie Says," recorded in the waning days of the band's classic Reed/Cale/Morrison/Tucker lineup and unheard by the public for nearly two decades thereafter. The set's seventh single is a reproduction of a vintage promotional disc, a two-and-a-half minute radio spot promoting the band's eponymous third album and featuring legendary disc jockey Bill "Rosko" Mercer, with excerpts from "I’m Set Free," "What Goes On" and "Beginning to See the Light," as well as a picture sleeve with an un-airbrushed variation on the album's iconic cover art.

Also; New book: White Light/White Heat: The Velvet Underground Day by Day by Richie Unterberger // New in August 09: The Velvet Underground: An Illustrated History of a Walk on the Wild Side by Jim DeRogatis // Upcoming book: The Velvet Underground - A New York Art by Johan Kugelberg // VU site - Electricity Comes From Other PlaNETs // Lou Reed: Metal Machine Trio


Dark Stars Rising by Shade Rupe

Shade Rupe, editor of the art journals "Funeral Party" 1 & 2, has a book of interviews coming out on Headpress this fall:

DARK STARS RISING - Conversations from the Outer Realms / Format: Paperback / 288 pp (tenative publ. date: Nov. 2009)

Ever wondered if Teller actually talks, tickled yourself over what Divine might do when not consuming inconsumables for film director John Waters, or perhaps even considered the truth about Girls and Corpses, DARK STARS RISING is the one book that demonstrates there is much more to the creative act than merely sitting down for an interview, or not being profiled on MTV.

DARK STARS RISING is a collection of twenty six interviews spanning twenty-three years with various creators of darker art, from America through to Austria and beyond. Working in different art forms and in many cases never meeting or being aware of each other, the main vortex is created here by interviewer and New York film writer Shade Rupe, known for his avant interests and the cultural sector he created with his Funeral Party series of books. Everyone in this collection (with the exception of the late Divine, whose last interview appears in this book, and Brother Theodore) is working today, continuing to produce artifacts that catch the heart, mind and soul.

Many rare photographs are used throughout, plus a resource section lists useful links for further information. A selection of choice reviews rounds out the book.

Interviewees includes: Richard Kern, Alejandro Jodorowksy, Buddy Giovinazzo, Udo Kier, Jim VanBebber, Tura Satana, Teller, Johannes Schonherr, Chas. Balun, Divine, Hermann Nitsch, Genesis P-Orridge, William Lustig, Johanna Went, Zamora, The Torture King, Dame Darcy a.o.


June 04, 2009

New books from Headpress

This week Headpress (UK) is publishing two new titles, Scott Stine's TRASHFIEND and BAD MAGS VOL. 2 by Tom Brinkmann.

TRASHFIEND is based around articles from Stine's magazine of the same name. From HP's info: From low budget horror films to grisly comic art, from lurid movie magazines to late-night creature features, from campy monster toys to exploitive poster art, TRASHFIEND takes a loving look at “disposable” horror culture from the 1960s and 1970s.

Over two glorious decades the horror film waged war on good taste, exploiting every taboo and bursting every envelope along the way. TRASHFIEND is the definitive guide to the chaotic, creative and endlessly entertaining golden age of horror cinema.

Scott Stine (author of The Gorehound’s Guide to Splatter Films series and founder of the Stigmata Press) shines a fond but satiric light on everything from low budget horror films to grisly comic art, lurid movie magazines to late-night creature features, campy monster toys to exploitive poster art.

Packed with reviews, trivia, interviews, anecdotes and rare illustrations, and written with witty and insightful flair, TRASHFIEND will fascinate aficianados, nostalgists and cinema lovers of every stripe. Scott Stine picks up where his legendary TRASHFIEND magazine left off for a fun, energetic and critical look at this beloved genre.

BAD MAGS 2 continues along the lines of vol. 1, showing and analyzing the contents and making of supermarket tabloids and weird magazines. Includes chapters on Ed Wood, outlaw bikers, Sharon Tate and many other subjects. From HP's info: Following the enormous success of the instant cult classic Bad Mags Vol 1, the hotly anticipated Bad Mags Vol 2 picks up where its predecessor left off, scraping the nasty depths of magazine and tabloid pop lit.

... Chapters are divided into subject categories for easy reference. ... Packed with even more RARE and INCREDIBLE IMAGES than BAD MAGS VOL 1, BAD MAGS VOL 2 is guaranteed to SHOCK, ASTOUND and EXCITE readers.

Author Tom Brinkmann has spoken with many of the individuals responsible for these magazines, some of whom are referenced here for the first time. BAD MAGS VOL 2 also provides comprehensive background details on the creators and often maverick publishers, along with plenty of anecdotal information, mind bending extracts and hundreds of rare photos and cover reproductions.

(Other recent titles from HP are The John Sinclair Reader, by the MC5/White Panthers manager, and HP28 - guest edited by Sinclair.)

Also, out now from FAB (UK) is the Cinema Sewer Vol. 2 book which includes my interview with Bo Arne Vibenius ("Thriller") and my multi-page review of Blue Underground's 8 disc Mondo film box set. The book will also have 90 pages of "new" bonus stuff not seen in the Cinema Sewer magazine. All contents are hand-lettered, and most illos are drawings in place of photos. In related trash cinema news, Vol. 4 of the 42nd St. Forever trailer dvd series is out.


May 20, 2009

The Munch Museum: Munch - Moments of Movement 2 x KZ 1992 - Free download

Munch formed in Kristiansand, Norway, in 1986, with the name taken from the famous Norwegian painter Edward Munch. They wanted to create a kind of music that made the same impressions as Munch's paintings...
Of the five members only two knew how to play instruments, but this was just in the vein of what leader Ivar Mykland wanted: Start from scratch, then you'll have to concentrate on how your instruments sounds, have to concentrate to recognize sound patterns which highly skilled musicians will pass on as uninteresting.
They started practicing in a sound proof room at Ivar's place, in Tordenskjoldsgt.23, N-4612 Kristiansand S. As time went on this rehearsal studio was transformed into a proper studio and eventually the location of their own label T23.
Due to this very basic start the process of writing songs took lots of time, in five years they wrote something like 25 songs. But Ivar express satisfaction with the way Munch was formed and how they developed: Like Einstürzende Neubauten Munch could write a song based on random sounds or accidents - like when Ivar had caught a cold and was coughing or if one of them played a wrong sound.
Munch split up after their concert at Rockefeller, in Oslo, on December 6 1991.
Source: Discogs.com

All of Munch's releases were initially on vinyl OR cd OR cassette. This is probably their rarest and most difficult to find release. I think some or all of the live recordings from Bergen 89/91 are recorded by me on my old Sony cassette recorder. I may digitize the whole gigs and put the recordings here later on. Munch should re-release their stuff, or at least make a compilation or small box set. But until that happens, enjoy MOMENTS OF MOVEMENT!
Source: JRB

Go to Bruunski Beats for the DL links.

Or directly:

Download, Pt. 1 (88 Mb): Megaupload / Rapidshare
Download, Pt. 2 (83 Mb): Megaupload / Rapidshare

Munch site at UiO.

NEW: Bonus live recording: Stavanger 191091.


April 20, 2009

JG Ballard dies at 78

From obituary at Re/Search by V. Vale: "J.G. Ballard R.I.P. (11/15/1930-4/19/2009) I particularly hate it when “rebels” die — there are already so few of them/us. Sometimes it seems like virtually everyone you meet these days in the world is a slave to the profit motive/capitalist imperative: “What’s the meaning of life?” “To make money!” J.G. Ballard, and another of my relatively recently deceased role models, W.S. Burroughs, both refused to prostitute their writing, and they both refused to shmooze and “network” merely to further their “careers.” Both had a hatred of bourgeois hypocrisy and phony politeness, while at the same time being deeply polite and courteous, almost to a fault …

But for now, let us think of ways to publicly mourn one of the greatest thinkers and poets of the past century. By some irony, “The Complete Short Stories of J.G. Ballard” is reportedly soon to be published in the United States, complete with two additional stories not included in the U.K. edition. Short stories, more than novels, may appropriately suit the trend of the increasingly shorter attention span of the human populace, who demand more flash ads, tiny videos and music quotations as they read their two-minute, two-page articles on the Internet. I suggest that for the next month (or year), readers shut out everything else and read ONLY J.G. Ballard novels, short stories, essays, interviews and reviews. Your mind, language, and outlook are guaranteed to be permanently altered ..." [Continued]

Telegraph.co.uk // Yahoo News // The First Post // Evening Standard // Financial Times // BBC News // Boing Boing // Wiki // JGB - 20th Century Chronicler // JG-Ballard.ca // JG-Ballard.com

Books at Re/Search // Books at Amazon.uk

JGB's complete short stories has been published in the UK in 2 volumes. A one volume edition is planned in the US in September 2009, from W.W. Norton, according to PW.


April 11, 2009

Dårlig tidsånde

Fra Kjettersk Kjeller: Onsdag 22. april:

Dårlig tidsånde: Zeitgeists hedenske Jesuser, sannheten om 11. september og den nye verdensorden. Ved Bjørn Are Davidsen.

Konspirasjonsteorier er i skuddet. Man kan knapt bevege seg ut på verdensveven uten å støte på den ene oppsiktsvekkende påstanden etter den andre.

Var Jesus egentlig en hedensk guddom? Var det Bush-administrasjonen som sto bak ødeleggelsen av World Trade Center? Forsøker mektige og hemmelige krefter å legge verden under seg?

En masse av disse spekulasjonene samles i filmen Zeitgeist, en dokumentarfilm som en stund lå på toppen av nedlastninger fra Google Video. Zeitgeist har til og med avfødt en hel bevegelse (The Zeigeist Movement), noe som er litt pussig når man tenker over hvor ulidelig kjedelig filmen er. Men Zeitgeist skal få lov til å fungere som en knagg for denne kvelden, siden den leverer et så representativt utvalg av vår tids mest moteriktige konspirasjonsteorier. Og for at vi kjellermenneskene og våre gjester skal slippe å lide oss gjennom langdryge dokumentarfilmer og tøvete bøker, har vi bedt selveste Bjørn Are Davidsen om å gjøre jobben for oss.

Bjørn Are Davidsen er en av Kjettersk Kjellers faste foredragsholdere, og en av Norges ledende eksperter på merkelige konspirasjonsteorier (særlig slike som vi finner i Da Vinci-koden). De som har hørt ham før, vet hvor morsomt dette blir. De som ikke har hørt ham før, bør ikke gå glipp av dette.

Vi satser ellers, etter en temmelig intens kveld i februar, på en litt roligere kveld denne gangen. Men som vanlig blir det musikk fra vår faste stab av platesnurrere, mat og drikke.

Som vanlig går kvelden av stabelen på M3 i Maridalsveien 3. Tidspunktet er 22. april kl. 19. Det koster 70 kroner, og du må være fylt 18 år for å komme inn.



April 07, 2009

All sewn up

The label Crispin Glover Records sent HWEBLOG a review copy of their latest release, the masterful tribute to punk poet Patrik Fitzgerald. While we work our way thru it, norwegian language capable readers can read NXP's review at Musikk Fra Norge, and HWEB's review will be up here in a few days.

Release date was March 30th. Available on 2xCD and ltd. ed. 2xLP.

MySpace // Documentary film: "All The Years Of Trying" // Fan site // Reviews: Natt og Dag / Adressa / Haugesunds Avis / Morgenbladet

Full track list:

Disc 1:
1: Motorpsycho (NO) feat. Jello Biafra (US) - Punch
2: Terry Lee Hale (US) - Laughter Far Away
3: Max Lorentz (SWE) - Live Out My Stars
4: Milk Kan (UK) - Ragged Generation
5: Israelvis (NO) - Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart
6: Betong Hysteria (NO) - Banging & Shouting
7: Seven (NO) - Trendy
8: Jim Jasmine (UK) - Little Fishes
9: All Trouble (NO) - How the Fuck?
10: Sister Rain (NO) - Animal Mentality
11: Lez Marwick (UK) - Tonight
12: Benjamin Zephaniah (UK) Work. Rest. Play Reggae
13: Attila the Stockbrocker (UK) - BackStreet Boys
14: POG (UK) - One Little Soldier
15: The Reilly Express (NO) - Island Of Lost Souls
16: Bladed (NO) - Set We Free
17: The Legend! (Everet True) - When I Get Famous

Disc 2:
1: Dog & Sky (NO) - One By One
2: Jackie Leven & Michael Cosgrave. (UK) - Shadow Of A Man
3: BC (NO) - Unaware
4: Geoff Berner (CAN) - All The Years Of Trying
5: The School (No) - Bingo Crowd
6: Try Love & The Taxis of Evil (NO) - As Ugly As You
7: Kevin Hewick (UK) - Personal Loss
8: Hook Line & Sinker (NO) – Optimism / Reject
9: Liliedugg (NO) - No Fun Football
10: The 3rd & the Mortal (NO) feat. Attila the Stockbroker (UK) – Paranoid Ward / All My Friends Are Dead
11: Thomas Robsahm (NO) feat Vera & Jara (ICL) - Improve Myself
12: Monolithic (NO) - All Sewn Up
13: Max Lorentz (SWE) - Cruellest Crime
14: Motor Incubator (NO & UK) - Same Coin, Different Madness


March 10, 2009

The Art of Jack T. Chick

Ever seen those tiny christian comic books, often left at bus stations or telephone booths, urging you to repent, or forever burn in hell? They're called Chick Tracts and over 200 titles have been published by the now 84 year old Jack T. Chick since the start in 1970. He claims to have sold over 750 million copies in over 100 languages, thus making him probably the most read author in the world.

The comics put forward a highly conspiratorial world view, blaming the Vatican, satanists and freemasons for promoting blasphemous and satanic teachings that will send all their followers straight to hell. These radical views have created problems having the tracts and a series of full-size, full colour comic books distributed, even in protestant book stores. Many copies are sold thru direct mail order and passed around by various churches, priests, missionaries and individuals.

Many atheists also collect Chick Tracts for their entertainment value, kitchy artwork and far out ideas. Kurt Kuersteiner is one such collector and in 2004 he had a huge book published thru Schiffer Publications. The book is illustrated in full colour, has over 220 big pages, and analyzes Chick and his many publications in extreme detail. It's an extraordinary and highly interesting book that tells the story of this independent publishing empire in as much detail as possible. The reclusive Chick has not been photographed since 1948, and does not give interviews. But Kuersteiner was granted a visit to the Chick printing plant, offices and storage facility, where he did meet Chick and some of the people working for him. The tracts only costs 19 cents each directly from the publisher, so this is a field of collecting anyone can get into, and this book is the best starting point you could possibly get.

In a new dvd, "God's Cartoonist - The Comic Crusade of Jack Chick", he also gets to interview Chick's main comic book artist besides JTC himself, the elusive Fred Carter. Although the dvd is mostly "talking heads" it is highly intriguing and strongly recommended. Kuersteiner also talks to various experts and collectors, including Ivan Stang from the Church of the SubGenius, who says that Chick's tracts are the publications that have influenced him the most.

You can buy the book and dvd together, signed by the author, and with two free special tracts here.
Watch dvd [trailer].

Chick.com // Chick at wiki // Chick Collector Club // Catholic Answers to Chick Tracts

An embedded tract for your reading pleasure, THE BEAST, courtesy of Chick Publications:


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